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Babbel, a leading language learning software with over 10 million subscriptions, has experienced enhanced agility and flexibility in delivery through its collaboration with Wunderdog over the past two years now. Wunderdog's embedded specialists work seamlessly within Babbel teams, fostering a shared mindset and allowing for quick decision-making in the fast-paced language-learning industry.

Our collaboration focuses on long-term goals, enabling the creation of sustainable architecture and the achievement of Babbel's objectives. Fluent in agile and flexible delivery, Wunderdog has helped Babbel find the right cultural and technical fit to scale development across various areas such as mobile development, marketing, security and infrastructure, and quality assurance.

Wunderdog developers have absolutely blown me away with the level of professionalism and results, and how fast they have onboarded themselves into our team.

Head of the Engineering Chapter

Embedded specialists help Babbel win

One notable achievement of the collaboration is the development of Babbel's key learning feature, Live. Live is a tool that offers tutoring classes in Spanish, German, Italian, and French for every interested individual, taught live online. Wunderdog supported Babbel in building the virtual classrooms for Live, as well as contributing to the Learner and Teacher team features of the Babbel service.

In addition to creating migrations, building new architecture, and doing testing, Wunderdog took responsibility for onboarding all new developers to the Live project.

Collaboration with Wunderdog resulted in faster iteration and deliverables. This ultimately lead to reduced maintenance efforts and costs, increased code quality, and shorter development and onboarding times.

Wunderdog is bringing in top-level engineering expertise to Babbel teams.

VP of Platform

Broad-front collaboration to build a better Babbel

Our comprehensive collaboration has created a cohesive environment where both teams work seamlessly as one, enhancing workflow and promoting a positive working atmosphere.

Over the years, our partnership has not only resulted in the development of new features but has also strengthened Babbel's tech stack and improved development architecture. Wunderdog's involvement also extends beyond project-specific tasks; we actively contribute to onboarding new developers, address technical challenges promptly, and identify areas for continuous improvement.

Expertise areasTech stack
Software Development and Engineering (frontend & backend)React, Typescript, JavaScript, Ruby
DevOps and DevSecOpsAWS
Quality Assurance
Product Management
Project Management

Agile collaboration drives success

The successful partnership between Wunderdog and Babbel continues to drive innovation and excellence in language learning, demonstrating the effectiveness of our collaborative and integrated approach.

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