Flexibility first: How our hybrid delivery model boosts your business

By WunderdogMar 7, 2023Read time 3 min
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In a rapidly changing tech world, companies are looking for resilient solutions with flexible pricing options. At Wunderdog, we firmly believe that flexibility is the key to success in today's ever-changing business landscape.

Wunderdog’s hybrid delivery model combines talented and proactive developers with competitive international pricing choices. This ensures the right cultural and technical fit for each market and customer.

As an international software consultancy with Finnish roots and offices in Helsinki, Berlin, and Málaga, we combine future-proof digital ways of working with top talent throughout Europe for dynamic results.

Ensuring the best-in-class customer experience

We see facilitating cultural exchange as essential. From the talent perspective, our model means a cross-office delivery team of senior consultants who share good practices with all country offices to attract and hire the best talent.

When we opened our Málaga office in 2022, a Helsinki consultant relocated to the Spanish city to be the guardian of Wunderdog's expertise, quality, and values. According to a survey conducted by Onway, we’re exceptionally good in the industry in our ability to fulfill customer expectations, ranking no. 1 out of 154 corporate studies they have performed.

Not lost in translation

A good example of Wunderdog’s scalable hybrid model in action is our work with Babbel, the leading language learning app with millions of paying subscribers worldwide.

Project highlights included facilitating excellent processes, structures, and communication – every step of the way from stakeholders to developers. We also helped to ensure Babbel had the right resources for creating new teams and locating senior onboarding resources.

For Finnair, the flag carrier and largest airline in Finland, we provide senior developers from Helsinki, Berlin, and Málaga to support the future development of Finnair’s digital services. Our collaboration includes cultural and technological onboarding to enable better workflow and happier people.

The core benefits of our hybrid delivery method

  • Flexible pricing models for different markets

  • The right talent for an excellent cultural fit: we integrate into your teams successfully

  • Ensuring the right technical fit for each market and customer

We anticipate your future needs and help you address challenges before they become problems. With our unique approach, we'll ensure that you have the right talent, the right tools, and the right mindset to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations. So why wait? Get in touch today and discover the power of Wunderdog's hybrid delivery model for yourself!