What our customers get when they do business with us

By WunderdogFeb 9, 2023Read time 2 min
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2022 was an excellent year for Wunderdog: we opened a successful tech hub in Málaga, settled our hybrid delivery model in 3 different countries, and, for the third consecutive year, we reached the highest customer satisfaction reviews. Last year we fulfilled the expectations of 97% of our customers and exceeded them by 52% of the cases. What lies behind our numbers? Read more to find out.

of our customers say we met or exceeded their expectations
of customers think we exceeded their expectations

Our proactivity helps you achieve your goals

Every company has strategic must-win battles. According to our customers, one of Wunderdog’s main strengths has been our capacity to take ownership proactively as problem-solvers. Proactivity implies:

  • Understanding the business landscape, goals, and expectations

  • Identifying questions and figuring out customer needs

  • Pinpointing issues before they emerge

  • Seeking new opportunities for the customer instead of limitations

  • Taking the initiative and asking questions

The consultants that I work with from Wunderdog are very proactive, are eager to learn, and don't get intimidated by big projects with big challenges.

Gilberto Torrezan, Finnair

We offer a high level of professionalism, flexibility & expertise

According to an external survey conducted by Onway, we’re exceptionally good in the industry in our ability to fulfil customer expectations, ranking no. 1 out of 154 corporate studies Onway has performed. According to our own bi-annual customer research, our consultants’ +10 years of experience and know-how exceeded our customers’ expectations in more than 50% of the cases in H2 through:

  • Providing good talent and cultural fit

  • Performing high-quality code and design with complete documentation

  • Dedicated work on required features, providing valuable suggestions for continuous improvements in all areas (e.g., ways of working, tech stack, solution design, etc.) 

  • Helping other developers/team members reach their goals

  • Owning work from planning to project completion

We have a strong impact on working cultures

Having a positive impact on revenue and profit is key to success. However, so is employee well-being, good teamwork dynamics, matching out customers’ core values, and creating a sense of purpose. Beyond our technical skills, our customers’ highlighted our ability to:

  • Integrate ourselves into teams successfully

  • Create pleasant and safe working environments

  • Promote good communication within teams

  • Simply being nice folks.

Beyond our triumphs, there’s also a consistent wish for growth and improvement. Our customers wish that we could better help them define the direction of their digital development and help them make decisions. Among our 2023 goals is being a true strategic partner for our customers, working hard to find better areas for improvement regarding core decisions, and bringing difficult topics to the table when needed. All these aspects were requested on our customer’s feedback.

Our survey criteria

This is the third year Wunderdog has conducted the Customer Insights Survey. We’ve also done two additional surveys in 2022, this time with two external partners: Noren and Onway.  Our internally conducted surveys are bi-annual and the results included 85% of our customers, based on a sample size of 66 interviewees. The external surveys have been qualitative interviews of our key customers. All in all, flavorful food for thought for this promising 2023! Get in touch to become one of our satisfied customers.