Scaling up through digital expertise

RELEX hero

RELEX Solutions is a market-leading supply chain and retail planning platform. Due to a rapid growth phase, RELEX needed the support of external digital experts to modify its platform for new customers. A part of RELEX’s growth had also come from acquisitions that required integrations in their systems.

After experiencing rapid growth, RELEX required development experts to join their teams and help set up agile processes to encompass their goals of aligning demand, merchandise, supply, and operations planning across value chains.

Through our distributed delivery model based in Helsinki, Berlin, and Málaga, Sevendos family companies Wunderdog and Polar Squad provided a fast and reliable way to implement the changes, also offering long-term maintenance to enable sustainable scaling.

Scalable solutions and improved ways of working

With Wunderdog’s and Polar Squad’s additional resources, RELEX was able to diversify its capacity and set new measures and practices. With our support, RELEX optimized ways of working and built processes for sustainable internal growth and team success:

  • Implementing Scrum to establish agile processes

  • Modernizing internal architecture and implementing changes for a greater impact on the User Interface

  • Advising on practices and modern technology

  • Training internal experts in using new tools

Distributed teams bring agile solutions for rapid growth

Wunderdog joined the RELEX team to set up practices and ramp up teams by training other experts. A distributed workforce in Helsinki, Málaga, and Berlin provided the development pool of talent that matched RELEX’s technical and coaching needs.

Our consulting know-how and cross-country delivery model offer an agile, scalable, and reliable delivery. It also offers different price points. This distributed allocation of resources makes our collaboration flexible. This flexibility allowed RELEX to hand-pick our offering according to their immediate needs while ensuring the day-to-day development matched the fast-paced growth rhythm of the company.

Domain Expertise

Polar Squad provided the DevOps and cloud expertise necessary to build a scalable cloud infrastructure that enables development teams to move rapidly, and train the teams for new tools and practices. Polar Squad experts created a roadmap and blueprint for the systems architecture and helped RELEX scale its cloud infrastructure with best practices concerning automation.

Sustainable results through a strategic partnership

Choosing the right digital partner can be a hassle when a company is experiencing rapid growth. The pace eventually requires the help of external consultants and often from multiple domains and consultancies. Choosing closely-knit Sevendos companies as partners gave RELEX access to a diverse talent pool with the domain expertise they needed. It also provided solutions like training RELEX’s own developers and reaching a wider audience for business growth – both of which contributed to making the process a resounding success.

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If your company needs to amplify its resources even further, Sevendos has you covered: Polar Squad, OrangIT, Hidden Trail, Finitec, AI Roots, CyberDo, and Wunderdog are here to provide you with different capabilities in all areas of the digital service life cycle, ready to bring your project to its full potential – regardless of scope or site.