How we met and exceeded our customers' expectations in 2021

By WunderdogFeb 1, 2022Read time 2 min
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January is the month of New Year resolutions and recaps. Our commitment to deliver an optimal customer experience has been one of our key priorities, and this year’s customer satisfaction survey results indicate we have outdone ourselves –again. A toast to all of us for making this happen! 

What we did well in 2021

We started collecting customer reviews systematically in 2019 and we closed 2021 with the highest survey participation rate so far. Of all the customers who evaluated our 2021 performance, 95% felt that we were on par with their expectations, exceeding the expectations of 53% of them. When we asked them about our strengths, they remarked our proactivity, our aim to figure out the core of the customer’s issues, and our willingness to holistically improve all areas of work.

Customers also value our ways of working and our human-centered approach that originate in our culture. The cooperation and teamwork spirit of our people were also highlighted, along with their expertise, knowledge, and leadership. In addition to our capability to create a long-lasting business impact and help our customers grow, our people-first approach is considered to be one of our main assets.

of our customers say we met or exceeded their expectations
of customers think we exceeded their expectations

What we will improve in 2022

The cowl does not make the monk, so it wouldn’t be fair if we only shared triumphs. Or, better put, our areas to improve are endemic to our success. Among a widespread “I can’t think of anything”, some customers encouraged us to be more daring to bring difficult topics to the table. Thanks to them, we have started improving our transparency in communication and developing methods estimating accurate budgets and timelines, especially when dealing with project value streams and tight deadlines.

The core of Wunderdog lies in its people, so we’ll keep striving to deliver excellent results while also keeping our people-first culture a priority. We are committed to growing at the forefront of design, software development, and digital transformation by future-proofing IT, and striving for sustainability. Stay tuned for plenty of adventures in 2022.