Looking back to 2020: customer satisfaction survey results

By WunderdogJan 14, 2021Read time 3 min
Wunderdog Customer Satisfaction survey Success

We exceeded customer expectations in more than 44% of our cases.

With the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe, our plans and strategy took an unexpected turn. After some months of readjustment, we closed the year with much better results than we could have imagined –and our highest index of customer satisfaction up-to-date.

It’s not always easy to get everyone to answer forms, but our customers were generous to us this year –with a 77% response rate to our annual Customer Survey. Among those, 91% were satisfied or very satisfied, with 44% declaring that we exceeded their expectations. We’re glad to share these results with you!

What we did well in 2020

Sometimes it’s difficult to objectively figure out how the company is doing without the help of an external eye that can point out the virtues and flaws. We received many interesting pointers from our customers, and truth to be told, some of them are still making us blush. Everyone likes receiving positive feedback, of course, and we’re no exception. According to our customers, our best asset is a high level of expertise and technical skills, which we’re proud of, as they form the basis of what we do at Wunderdog. Customers pointed out our proactivity –even bravery– in suggesting new solutions and approaches to the issues they were encountering. On the third podium position there’s our ability to communicate in a clear and transparent way, which our customers appreciated. 

What we will improve in 2021

We know “not all that glitters is gold”, so our customers also helped us to spot areas of improvement that we have already started addressing with the start of the new year. The first thing we will start improving is giving proactive feedback to our customers, which it seems we may have forgotten to do a couple of times. We believe in transparency of our work and we will continue to develop our methods that visualize an up-to-date scope, budget, and timeline of the project for our customers. Those are some of our goals for this upcoming year.

Where are we now?

Closing the most uncertain year knowing 91% of our customers think we are doing an excellent job means the world to us, and even more if we know that almost half of them had expectations that were exceeded. This is great news! Wunderdog will keep working to be at the forefront of design, technology and consulting skills to provide the best value for our customer’s digital investments.

Regarding our previous years’ satisfaction surveys, we have kept the bar high, despite all the possible adversities we could have encountered with the Covid-19 outbreak. Keeping our work on the right track is our main goal and we’re glad not only we did as well as in previous months, but even better. We're fortunate to work with great companies, projects and people that motivate us to work hard for better results no matter the obstacles we find in our way. That being said, thanks to our customers for helping us get better every day. Welcome, 2021!