The benefit(s) of open source contributions

By WunderdogDec 17, 2021Read time 4 min

Open source contributions are a great way to enlarge a developer’s portfolio, learn new skills, or connect to other developers. They are also crucial for accelerating innovation: many technologies wouldn't exist nowadays without the open source movement and its collaboration culture. Aware of that, Wunderdog sponsors open-source contributions through our OSS Program, paying our consultants for investing their time in the OSS community with their own projects.

An open source program for all

We believe open source contributions enable innovation, increase working solutions and, of course, solve many problems. They are also a great way to support our people's independent learning and development. Thus, we've been running our own OSS Program for more than five years.

The program encourages Wunderdog's consultants to contribute into existing projects and to kickstart their own open source (OSS) projects. Every day, we see them making use of cutting-edge technology and tools, broadening their skills and resumes, and deepening their understanding of technologies.

Open source refers to any source code that is made freely available for possible modification and redistribution.

Two sizes fit all: Wunderdog's OSS repositories

Interested in learning more about our OSS projects?

1. Wunderdog's open source platform, a site that aggregates in real-time all the open source projects we have contributed under our OSS program. This is a place where our developers' personal learnings, creations and contributions to the community are shared and stored.

2. Wunderdog's Github repository, a site containing all sorts of projects which might not be related to our open source program. Our developers' open source hours have mostly been used to solve everyday problems through modern technology.

Ping pong ranking system

Compensating your time

Naturally, maintaining meaningful open source projects is a time-consuming responsibility. Thus, in exchange for their time, we pay our developers for their OSS contributions outside of working hours or consultant projects. Here are some of the resulting projects:

In 2020, our doggos spent 839 hours on open source projects. All these hours made a total bonus of 12,585€. Now that 2021 is coming to a close, we are registering even higher rates of participation than in previous years. And we are honest when we say every single hour spent on these projects has undoubtedly been a return of investment for us.

Join our community of problem-solvers

Impressed with our libraries? Join our community of problem-solvers with benefits, and contribute further to OSS with us. Apply to Wunderdog's open positions now!