Teamwork makes the dream work

Setting the scene

If you know anything about the Finnish startup scene, you’ve almost certainly heard about The success of the company has been nothing short of staggering, with fast growth and an ever-increasing number of clients using’s solution to optimize their social media marketing.

Smartly team

The bright idea

What if’s increasingly large and complex systems could be iterated faster and more reliably? got in touch to find out if we had any seasoned engineers that could help do just that. And guess what? We did.

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The inevitable challenge

DevOps – the seamless interplay of people, technology, and processes – is a good way to give developers solid ground to work on and develop a product. But’s DevOps team needed some external help to drive the bits of DevOps development that were otherwise getting neglected. The existing continuous integration system was at full capacity, and the development experience needed to be improved with easier development environments and smoother deployments.

Smartly Wunderdog development
Smartly Wunderdog cooperation

Our hands-on solution

We brought experience from multiple clients and different DevOps setups that gave perspective to the discussion about how to best solve the challenges at hand. This, combined with our ability to turn plans into action, meant we were confident that the collaboration would deliver the goods.

So how did it go?

This project is all about great collaboration, and our relationship with has grown from strength to strength. The work has now been going on for over a year and our strong contribution and the progress made have shown that by joining forces we can deliver value in a very demanding environment.

Success that speaks for itself

With the new continuous integration system we provided results are delivered faster and more reliably. Development environments are already easier and significantly faster to set up, saving time and energy. And the DevOps team’s processes have also moved forward with agile improvements such as Kanban, daily meetings, and retrospectives. This collaboration continues to prove that working together is working smartly.

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