Taking a pioneer to the next level

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Forenom is the Nordic region’s leading serviced apartment provider. With a strong focus on business customers, Forenom serves visitors with over 7000 serviced apartments, and aparthotel and hostel rooms in all major Scandinavian cities, accommodating over 1 million nights yearly. Forenom has a long history of utilizing IT and digital tools to create value in their business.

When being a pioneer in anything, there always comes a time to take things to the next level. Wunderdog has been a long-term partner in helping Forenom renew its systems and practices.

From parking spaces to holistic user experiences

Funny enough, our collaboration started with solving how the information about parking spaces of an accommodation could be managed and shown to clients. This assignment led to various other assignments in design and development, mainly in renewing Forenom’s ERP system. Wunderdog helped Forenom succeed in both the design and development aspects of creating and transitioning to a new system and adding new features to give more value to the users and Forenom’s business.

Another joint effort has been the Forenom website’s new front page. The current page wasn’t relevant for visitors, nor was it optimized for lead generation. Important for this project was a solid understanding of Forenom’s customer groups. Wunderdog used a segment research made by Forenom to validate the needs of web page users and implemented UI and UX Design practices to help provide a more meaningful and relevant experience to different audiences.

This enabled Forenom to develop a more sales-oriented front page and introduce target-group-specific landing pages. A higher relevance for the customer hopefully leads to increased effectiveness of Forenom’s online presence and marketing campaigns with better conversion rates when the new pages are published in 2024.

Setting new standards

Our collaboration has enabled Forenom to implement several new user-centric tools and processes to create more value for the users and business. Having the new ERP in place has streamlined processes and taken off previous overhead from development. Having Wunderdog as a design sparring partner resulted in a distinctly grown design maturity at Forenom, also leading to the hiring of an in-house Service Designer.

Wunderdog embraces Design Thinking, highlighting a holistic, collaborative approach that encourages teams to collaborate, leverage diverse perspectives, and remain open to exploring multiple solutions. This ensures that the final results meet users' needs effectively.

The best way to teach a professional is by collaborating with them while being open to learning more yourself.

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