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Rahamylly, Alexandria
Finnish companies as customers
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We were impressed by how the Wunderdog team really took the lead on the technology and genuinely kept the success of Rahamylly as their first priority.

Markus Neimo, CEO of Rahamylly

Our investible solution

Just before Christmas 2016, Rahamylly’s team combined forces with Wunderdog to begin work on shaping a novel crowdfunding platform. Together we started working on two tracks simultaneously:

  1. Exploring how the platform should look and work for both investors and entrepreneurs. The goal was nothing less than to make a complex platform to feel extremely simple and intuitive.

  2. Investigating the different ways in which the platform engine could be built. What off-the-shelf solutions are available and what is their quality like? Do they have good APIs? What could we build ourselves?

By the time January arrived, we were ready to start the platform implementation work.

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The bright idea

What if there was a way for anyone to invest in a Finnish company’s growth initiatives? A novel crowdfunding platform that would benefit all parties: companies would get the capital they needed to grow, while people like you or I could invest and, hopefully, make a profit.

Rahamylly was founded in December 2016 with the aim of developing a crowdfunding platform to do just that.

The inevitable challenge

To make the idea work, it was essential for very small investments to be possible. It also had to be extremely easy to invest. On the other side of the equation, the application process needed to be as simple as possible for companies, with no additional worries about having a large number of investors.

The only way to achieve these goals was using a digital platform where most of the work happened automatically. It was clear from the beginning that this would be a challenge to build both in terms of service design and technical architecture. Without a technical founder, the Rahamylly team looked to Wunderdog to help make the platform a reality.

Success that speaks for itself

Rahamylly was launched to the public in January 2019, almost exactly two years after our work had started. In spring 2019 OrangIT, the partner company of Wunderdog, took over the responsibility for running the platform together with the core team at Rahamylly, which they still do today.

From our perspective, we knew we had the competence needed to design, build, and operate the platform, as well as the experience to take a lead on the technology and guide the whole thing through. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the founding team at Rahamylly really had what it takes to push through the rollercoaster journey of product development to get their business launched and set it on an excellent growth trajectory. For this we congratulate them!

Rahamylly is already serving hundreds of Finnish companies and thousands of investing citizens, with investments ranging from the very small to much larger amounts. Although with several hundred investors involved the process from application to funds reaching a company account is quite complex, it can take as little as just a few days.

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