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Blueprint Genetics
Blueprint Genetics
The turnover of Blueprint Genetics has more than doubled annually during our co-operation.
The amount of data Blueprint Genetics gathers is today counted in petabytes. One petabyte equals to 1000 terabytes.

We appreciate Wunderdog's hard work, open communication and ability to take improvements forward.

Jussi Paananen, Chief Technology Officer at Blueprint Genetics

Our solution

We kicked off the partnership in 2017 by rolling up our sleeves for the daily development work while at the same time coaching the Blueprint Genetics team to help them sharpen up their software development practices in terms of technologies, communication, and leadership.

We helped to set up a development process where everything starts from business and operational needs and decisions are made based on prioritisation and workloads. We also pitched in on building an architecture that’s capable of handling ever-increasing amounts of data in real time. We also helped to develop a new production process for analysing sequenced DNA samples and reduce process lead times.

As workload increases alongside business growth, it is crucially important to maintain open and transparent ways of working, employing best practices and maintaining good cooperation between development teams, day-to-day operations, different stakeholders, and users. As well as helping with practical matters on the software development side we helped Blueprint Genetics scale up by empowering their teams to take even greater leaps forward both in their development processes and the volume of analyses their pipelines could handle.

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The bright idea

In 2011, three Finnish post-docs in Stanford had an idea about a new sequencing technology that could bring genetic testing to mainstream healthcare. What if something that began as a research project could be transformed into a successful, growing business with a large set of commercial products and services all supported by modern digital solutions that are equipped to handle massive amounts of human genetic data?

The inevitable challenge

A growing business means a growing need for software development talent, so Blueprint Genetics got in touch to find out if our experienced developers and scrum coaches could help their entire team – from business stakeholders and domain experts to product owners and individual developers – learn about Scrum best practice and help to improve their products.

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So how did it go?

Blueprint Genetics is a great example of finding business success in a lean start-up way: quick experimentation with new ideas, short development cycles, and fast commercialisation have led to fast business growth.

The turnover of Blueprint Genetics has more than doubled annually during our co-operation. The amount of data Blueprint Genetics gathers is today counted in petabytes and they utilise considerable amounts of computing power. We also helped take development culture forward and recruit new team members.

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Success that speaks for itself

Thanks to the new ways of working we’ve introduced and our contribution to software development, work at Blueprint Genetics is now more transparent, agile, and efficient. We created a solid platform for Blueprint Genetics to continue their great growth and success. The collaboration with two modern and fast-paced company was a success for everyone involved.

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