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Elisa Santa Monica
Elisa Santa Monica

The user interface was done well, the Wunderdog staff really completed our expertise portfolio, and the ability level of the developers was outstanding – all in all it went really well.

Teemu Tiainen, Director of Service Delivery at ESM

Our self-serving solution

We created a self-service portal that gathers together relevant information for customers – order tracking, device data, support requests, status reports, and monitoring – all on one user-friendly platform.

Our developers also coded a tool that uses algorithms to verify the quality of the data and automatically report any errors or if something is not up to date.

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The bright idea

What if ESM (Elisa Santa Monica) could make their work more transparent to customers? Perhaps systems that weren’t previously communicating could be brought together, cutting down on time-consuming manual work for their customer service team.

Could a self-service portal be the answer?

Elisa Santa Monica Wunderdog 2

The inevitable challenge

ESM works proactively to maintain data networks, ensuring their reliability. But customers were unable to see this, meaning no-one knew that this kind of valuable work was being done. Customers also had very little information about the wide variety of products and services that ESM can provide. The upshot of this was that most customers were just buying a certain service or product without knowing they could have a neatly packaged solution.

On top of this lack of transparency, information about delivery times and methods was communicated manually, placing a burden on ESM’s sales and customer service teams. Data wasn’t easy to access and customer support information for different devices was stored in several different places. Things were working, but perhaps there was a little too much sweat and hassle – a situation we could definitely help improve.

Elisa Santa Monica Wunderdog 3

Success that speaks for itself

By digitalizing ESM’s services, we improved service quality. We also improved ESM’s transparency to their customers and enabled them to standardize their processes. This has helped to ensure that ESM’s unique servicescape and high-end knowledge base is being shared effectively with their customers.

Our cooperation started back in 2017 and is still ongoing!

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