Feeling better about booking online

the new system increased booked appointments online
positive feedback on the user experience increased

Our simple yet smart solution

We created the booking system on top of PerusTerveys’s patient data interface. Our brief was to make the best booking system there is; it should be simple to use and work on both desktop and mobile. Other than that we had a free hand.

We started by mapping the customer journey, aiming at extreme simplicity with only the most important steps included in the service. Visually the service was designed to perfect the customer experience and match the PerusTerveys brand.

We kept the feedback loop short, giving PerusTerveys full access in real time to all our ideas and prototypes. In addition, we held weekly face-to-face meetings and carried out on-the-go iterations according to feedback.

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Setting the scene

PerusTerveys is revolutionizing the Finnish healthcare services industry with general practitioner and laboratory services at affordable prices and without long waiting times. The positive public response has led to rapid growth – the business has expanded from a handful of medical centers to a national chain of private clinics.

The bright idea

What if private healthcare services could be made accessible for everyone?

To do this, the online booking system should be as user friendly and easy to use as possible – in fact, it should be the best booking system in the world.

The inevitable challenge

According to customer feedback, PerusTerveys’s current online booking system was far too complicated to use – so much so that most of their customers ended up booking appointments by phone instead. With no developer or service designer expertise in-house, PerusTerveys turned to Wunderdog to handle the entire execution of their new online booking system, from service design to full stack development.

So how did it go?

Our team was responsible for the complete redesign and build of the new online booking system, from service and visual design to development, and it was launched within the planned schedule. Customer feedback on the system has been very positive.

Success that speaks for itself

The new system increased the number of booked appointments online, while positive feedback on the user experience increased. Healthy results by anyone’s standards.

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