Kickstarting creativity in three dimensions


We found the cooperation professional and everyone we worked with at Wunderdog to be dependable and accountable.

Pouria Kay, Chief Executive Officer of Grib

Our multi-dimensional solution

When we first talked with Grib, we soon agreed that it would only make sense to cooperate if we were adding value to both Grib and its users. Being on the same page made it easy to continue our discussions. Our goal was not to just fix one thing and then leave Grib with the rest — we wanted to ensure that their story would be kickstarted properly.

Since Grib didn't have any dedicated technical person in-house, we took on the challenge of providing a CTO for them. We analyzed the state of Grib's business, their existing technological capabilities and the needs of their users and customers. This made it much easier to get a good understanding of our next steps.

Our first steps included prioritizing key tasks within the organization in order to make quick and meaningful improvements. We helped Grib with their recruitment process, finding talented and competent individuals to join their team and allowing Grib to focus on finding those with the right passion for the job.

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The bright idea

Grib was founded after winning the Summer of Startups in 2015 with their concept of combining 3D technology with computer vision and augmented reality. Their aim was to develop a user-friendly app that uses AR technology to enable 3D design in the real world, making it as easy and enjoyable as possible to get creative with 3D modeling.

Grib Development

The inevitable challenge

While bringing this concept to life, challenges with the architecture made it hard to prioritize software development, so the backlog of development tasks was increasing every day. Grib started to look for a reliable partner to help.

Grib: How did it go?

The cooperation went very well, helping Grib to pick up the pace and concentrate on their business while we took responsibility for ensuring delivery to customers, clarifying and increasing the pace of software development, and making recruitment easier.

Grib users
Grib3D app

Success that speaks for itself

Many schools in Finland have found Grib to be a valuable tool for sketching since it gives users a sense of the scale, size, and form of their 3D models, by putting them in context in an AR environment. Even first-time users can create designs in a matter of minutes, rather than the days it would take without the app.

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