An ode to the city

Oodi, Central Library
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Users during the first year

Our capital solution

We took the City of Helsinki style guide and ran with it, creating three different experiences in collaboration with Sherpa:

  • A fun quiz, Helsinki Test, where people could discover which Helsinki district they are

  • A social media wall to gather content posted with the #unelmienkaupunki hashtag

  • An audio-visual 3D map of Helsinki and its districts

We created a beautiful look and feel for the Helsinki Test using modern CSS animations, and used React for the quiz itself. The great thing about this was that we didn’t need to worry about multiple browsers and resolutions as the quiz was implemented for iPad only.

For the social media wall we benchmarked solutions that were already available so we could get things up and running fast. We chose because it gave us the flexibility to create exactly the look and feel we wanted. Why start from scratch and waste time and money when someone’s already created something that fits the bill perfectly?

Developing the 3D map was particularly exciting for us as we got our first chance to use the Unity engine.

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Oodi development
Oodi development

The bright idea

What if the power of digital could be harnessed to deliver interactive experiences that would engage everyone with Helsinki as a city and create a real buzz around Oodi?

As a part of the grand opening, Helsinki Urban Environment Division wanted to create an inclusive and interactive space where people could get to know Helsinki and contribute to its development.

The inevitable challenge

Helsinki Urban Environment Division brought in creative agency Sherpa who needed to find a partner to co-create and execute the digital part of the experience. This was the start of an inspiring partnership between Sherpa and Wunderdog.


So how did it go?

There was a real buzz around the grand opening and the Helsinki Urban Environment Division was super happy with the results. We really got a kick out of the opportunity to create new services for consumers and be part of creating the Oodi experience. Oodi supports lifelong learning, active citizenship, democracy, and freedom of expression – it has been an honor and a pleasure to be part of its journey.

Success that speaks for itself

This project was the first time we’ve collaborated with a creative agency and we just love it when we make a match with other great companies. The project itself was a success and everyone involved is pleased with the outcome. In fact, the collaboration with Sherpa went so well that we’re planning to work together on more projects in future.

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