The chemistry of continuous cooperation

Alma Media
Alma Media

We’re pleased we found a partner that has been able to live up to our expectations.

Pia Ruusukivi, Director at Alma Talent

Our solution

Since 2015 we’ve been collaborating with Alma Media as an essential part of their information service team, both maintaining existing services and developing old systems. We’ve joined other teams too, like their stock exchange team to assist with its renewal — basically, whenever there’s a need, we try to find the solution. Alma Media is delighted to be working with a partner that can live up to their expectations, helping them to improve their ways of working and assist with software development.

And the good feeling is mutual – one of our consultants described Alma Media as a “nice, serene working environment where new technologies are utilized well.”

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The bright idea

What if there was a way to see digital disruption as an ongoing opportunity?

Back in 2015, Alma Media was looking for professionals to join their digital department. Their people knew their products inside-out, but they wanted help from external experts – people with fresh ideas and access to the latest knowledge – that could work with their team to help them develop top-quality digital services using modern technologies.

Alma media: Wuffice
Alma Media: kauppalehti

The inevitable challenge

While Alma Media knew they needed their development to be continuous in order to stay ahead, they didn’t want to build their own separate team just for developing; instead, they wanted experts inside their current teams who could keep the development process moving. It was crucial for them to have someone working with them at their office every day – knowledge provided remotely from a faceless third party would be no good for long-term cooperation.

How did it go?

Like many other media companies, Alma Media has had to radically transform its business model from print to digital. But unlike some of their competitors, they have managed to turn this to their advantage by utilizing new digital services – helping them to grow into one of Finland’s biggest media corporations.

When working long-term with digital services, you need in-depth understanding of how to build new modern services on top of old systems. Alma Media’s strong industry knowledge and Wunderdog’s extensive technology and software development know-how have helped to forge a partnership that has lasted years. The collaboration has been fruitful for both parties; we learn from each other and are continuously evolving professionally.

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