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Bring your website to its best working state in all browsers and systems through Wunderdog’s technical web audit. Our senior developers with 10+ years’ of experience drive your web app to rank higher on search engines according to content, performance, accessibility, and SEO quality standards.

Signs indicating you need a web audit

  • Slow-load web application.

  • Low performance while interacting with your web application.

  • Scalability issues on your web application.

  • Low ranking by search engines.

  • Legacy code keeps you from scaling.

  • You have trouble identifying core issues.

  • You know the issues but don't know how to solve them.

How do we conduct a web audit?

1. Discovery phase: 1-2 days

  • Defining key business goals and requirements.

  • We conduct a 1-2 day discovery phase to establish the high-level goals of your web according to your business plan.

2. Research, analysis, and documentation phase: Up to 7 days

  • Analysis of the current web state following customer goals.

    • Research and documentation of findings.

    • Estimated delivery time: Up to 7 days.

3. Report and presentation of recommended solutions

  • Experience an audit with a human touch! Our experts deliver the audit results in your desired format: workshops, documentation, presentations, and/or trainings. 

Wunderdog has been a partner of PMI for a few years, notably on our web front-end initiatives. Throughout these mandates, Wunderdog has been able to analyze, detect and provide several key findings, bottlenecks, and recommendations to enhance significantly the performance of our website in terms of key web core vitals KPIs. These have been of great value for our website, SEO, and our consumer experience. The company is agile and customer focused.

Digital Architecture Lead, PMI

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