Adding more benefits to employee benefits

Smartum Pay Wunderdog
This was the first project for Smartum that was on schedule, thanks to our developers

I’m so glad to see how talented and professional you all are! We’re expecting great things going forward – and as you said in our retro, it shows the fantastic collaboration you guys have with the developers.

Project Manager at Smartum

Our solution

We created a minimum viable product (MVP) web application and supporting back-end for employers to share and manage employee well-being benefits.

SmartumPlus  -system is a brand new solution where employers can give their employees the freedom to choose for themselves the elements that contribute to their well-being. In SmartumPlus employees have a single balance that can be used for exercise, culture, commute, or massage - taking into account any applicable taxation rules. Employees can be enrolled at any time and employers benefit from a simple monthly invoice that shows exactly what has been spent. Employees will also be able to see where they’ve used their benefits, how much they’ve used, and the remaining balance.

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Smartum pay app Wunderdog

The bright idea

What if managing well-being benefits could be simpler – for both employers and employees?

Smartum already had an employee benefit system, but it wasn't particularly flexible – for example, all benefits were organized into separate benefit-specific balances.

Our goal was to create an MVP that would enable pilot customers to manage benefits more efficiently and flexibly.

How did it go?

The project was finished on schedule even though MVP testing was slightly delayed due to a few integration problems with existing systems. We got very good feedback from Smartum about our performance, and they liked our presentation and general attitude in the pre-project activities.

We really enjoyed working with Smartum – it was so much fun, the general atmosphere was nice, and the people were friendly. During the project we hung out together during lunch and in some after-work activities, as well as having a couple of days working in the Wuffice together. This created a good atmosphere among everyone involved. 

Even though we didn't have any Go experience, we succeeded in learning the language from Smartum’s own Go developer and using it effectively. We also developed how this kind of onboarding could happen in future, improving knowledge transfer for other projects.

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