X-pertise on time and on budget


Setting the scene

Finnish high-tech start-up Pexraytech develops portable X-ray systems for security, drug search, and counter-terrorism applications.

The bright idea

What if Pexraytech’s state-of-the-art portable X-ray system could be used no matter what operating system the customer decides on?

To do this, Pexraytech needed a user interface for multiple platforms.

The inevitable challenge

Pexraytech had a strict budget and time frame for the project – everything needed to be done and dusted in just seven working weeks. The technical requirements were that the software must be reusable across different operating systems using mainstream technology that could be further developed easily.

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Pexraytech Wunderdog 2

Our smooth, step-by-step solution

We started off by introducing continuous integration and delivery practices to make bug fixes and new features quick, easy, and safe to release. Then we focused on how the user interface would communicate with the portable X-ray system, as well as developing the image manipulation systems and perfecting other user-interface features.

Because of the short timescale we used a simple Kanban approach, breaking tasks down into manageable pieces with clear and effective prioritization.

So how did it go?

Our working methods made project progression efficient and easily trackable, while physically working at the customer’s office meant communication ran like clockwork. The team managed to finish the project successfully within the agreed time frame, meeting all quality requirements.

Success that speaks for itself

Our in-depth understanding of what needed to be done and when helped us to plan and schedule our work efficiently to meet all the customer’s goals, while clear lines of communication made sure nothing slipped through the cracks. It doesn’t take X-ray vision to see it was a success for everyone involved.

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