Future-proofing startup life


Most of us face a serious crisis - a serious disease, loss of a loved one, changes in the financial situation - at some point in our lives. Kindfull is a digital service that enables building a support network consisting of family, friends, volunteers, professionals and peers around an individual who has encountered a life crisis.  

We all need support at times

Startup life can be hectic. What was yesterday is gone today, or can be something else next week. The Kindfull team had been developing the idea, concept and app for a couple of years. Yet they struggled to bring the app to a stage with usability, features and functionality desired.

As Kindfull's team said: "The app did not reflect the ideas we held in our heads. Not only did we change our direction a few times, as so often happens in startups, but also made some not so successful choices with tech partners".

They reached out to us to finally finish the app. After taking a look at the existing codebase we - Kindfull and Wunderdog together - came to a conclusion that we would finish the project faster by starting from scratch instead of struggling with the old codebase. 

Wunderdog has built a strong technological base for our service that allows its scalability in the future. They’re motivated and it’s evident that as customers we get much more than just the consultant working in our project - there's the support and know-how of the entire company behind the individuals.

Kindfull-startup team

Making a kind idea more sustainable

There were three reasons why starting from scratch was the optimal solution:

  1. The existing codebase was inconsistent and of varying quality.

  2. The tech originally chosen was unsuitable and inflexible for the purpose.

  3. The scope of the service was expanded from local to global.

It’s not easy to let go of something you have invested money, time and love in. Yet a couple of years can be a lifetime in a startup: ideas have changed, people may have changed, and tech has changed.

Our mission was to create a future-proof app with technologies that allow reaching the short-term goals:

  • Features and functionalities desired

  • Excellent user experience

  • Smooth maintenance

With the right stack of technologies, we were able to make progress quickly. As the technologies play well together, we saved many resources by skipping a lot of double work often required for the front and back end.

Our work enabled an innovative and impactful new service to be launched. We built it on a solid base maximizing its probability to succeed in the future. Many health organizations in Europe and the US have shown initial interest in the service.

Being able to get the maintenance service also from the Wunderdog ecosystem allows smooth technological continuity for the product. We're happy to have Wunderdog as our reliable long-term partner.

Kindfull team

Benefits of shared tech lead

Tight schedules, often scarce resources and changing business environment makes startup life interesting and challenging. For startups themselves, as well as for their tech partners. Therefore, making the right choice can be a matter of life and death for any startup.   

Wunderdog was chosen for this ongoing project for several reasons:

  • Ability to constructively challenge the choices and decisions made

  • Consultative approach in problem-solving to reach the goals

  • Future-proof and sustainable way of doing

  • Applying cutting-edge tech stack in development

  • Flexibility

We were able to provide Kindfull with a team of developers and take a holistic tech lead of the project. We chose a better tech stack matching the needs of the customers. We future-proofed the service with cutting-edge tech choices. Maintenance of the service was also outsourced to a team of Wunderdog's ecosystem.

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