Wunderdog’s Design Sprint is like a helicopter ride of product development.

Running a one-week Design Sprint before months of development work helps you to:

1) Focus only on relevant challenges

2) Get tangible results in only one week

3) Efficiently plan the next steps in your project

Design Sprint is for getting to know the actual users before getting too far ahead with the design and development process. Even superficial user research will help you decide whether you should actually commit to the costly development process.

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What is a Design Sprint suitable for?

1) The idea or concept has not yet taken form

2) You need to validate a new idea quickly

3) You want to discover the flaws in a product or an idea

4) A project needs momentum

5) You want to improve your teamwork skills

6) You want to make your organisation understand the importance of design thinking

Did you know that we can facilitate Design Sprints remotely?

You can book a remote Design Sprint session for you and your colleagues to validate your product or concept idea.

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Design Sprint Lassila & Tikanoja x Wunderdog

DESIGN SPRINT 1: Lassila & Tikanoja

The initial problem definition from L&T's brief described construction companies ordinarily order surplus amounts of resources when a construction project is ongoing. This results in; unused resources ending up as waste.

L&T wanted to explore how to solve this problem using a design sprint, with the following challenge statement: “How might we create an after-market for the unused construction material for consumers so that it could be used in its original purpose?" Read the full blog post here.

Design Sprint Sanoma Pro x Wunderdog


What if we could deconstruct the existing learning material to create a truly personalized learning path for pupils? This would enable teachers to better respond to the varying needs of individual classes and pupils.

With a series of Design Sprints, we designed a new digital learning environment together with Sanoma Pro that paves the way for future learning. Read the full case study here.

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