We develop, test and create successful concepts for new businesses

We digitalize existing businesses and create new digital businesses. We're experts in designing, developing and delivering digital products and services. In order to guarantee the success of our customers, we use a process-driven approach in our projects. We have well-established processes for ideating, testing, and validating business ideas before committing to costly software development projects.

Validate and prototype your product before committing to costly development projects

Get to know the actual users before getting too far ahead with the development and design process. Even superficial user research will help you decide whether you should actually commit to the costly development process. Wunderdog’s Design Sprint is like a helicopter ride of user-centric product design and development, download it below.

  1. Focus only on relevant challenges

  2. Get tangible results in only one week

  3. Efficiently plan the next steps in your project

Wunderdog Customer Satisfaction survey Success

Wunderdog is a digital transformation agency with a vision for a better tomorrow.

We design, develop and deliver impactful products and services. Here's how.

Software development
Delivering high-quality digital products & services that last

Business Design
Developing, testing and creating concepts for new businesses

Service and Product Design
Creating easy-to-use interfaces that generate great user experiences

Customer Experience / Strategy support
Strategy work focuses on building better overall digital experience for end users and better, purposeful business

Product Analytics and Development
Understanding and developing user engagement with what we build, from products to apps

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Blueprint Genetics

We helped to set up a development process where everything starts from business and operational needs

We kicked off the partnership in 2017 by rolling up our sleeves for the daily development work while at the same time coaching the Blueprint Genetics team to help them sharpen up their software development practices in terms of technologies, communication, and leadership.

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