My feelings about the work practice programme at Wunderdog

By Anni, 9th grader from junior high schoolOct 16, 2019Read time 2 min
Anni's drawing

Anni, a 15-year-old student from Pohjois-Tapiola junior high school, completed her work practice program at Wunderdog in the fall of 2019. We asked her to share her learnings and thoughts of her work practice program at Wunderdog.

My hopes & expectations

I hoped that the work practice program would help me in future work experiences and I wanted to get acquainted with work life. My assignments were very fun to do, not too challenging but not too easy to carry out either. I’m at my best when I’m doing art and I’m grateful I had the chance to apply my skills to something important. My assignments were actually helpful. Even though I did multiple pieces of art, I think they had a purpose. I drew pictures with Procreate and Adobe Illustrator for stickers, case stories and blog posts. I also used Slack on a daily basis to communicate with the staff.

I got a very positive image from the industry and I aim to follow a similar path in the future.

My learnings

I learned how to behave in a work environment and I got to know where many of the closest restaurants are located in Helsinki, which will help a lot in the future. The guidance at Wunderdog was great: the instructions were clear and easy to understand and the guidance was not overwhelming. I had a lot of space to develop and I valued that a lot. Working at Wunderdog was enjoyable, the office is huge and extremely comfy. Sometimes it was even hard to pick a room to work in as there were too many good options.

My feelings about the work practice programme

I got a very positive image from the industry and I aim to follow a similar path in the future. I’m happy I chose Wunderdog. Many other people took the classic supermarket option, which I didn’t find interesting. There are many things that my made my friends jealous and I told that they should’ve come to work here as well. It would be nice to come here to work someday.

Anni drew amazing pictures for us to use, e.g. the cover photo of this blog post.

*Work practice program is a two-week period in which high school students in Finland get in touch with working life. The purpose of the program is to support education and vocational selection. For most of the students this is their first work experience.