Outstanding customer experience: Wunderdog’s beacon in 2023’s stormy weather

By WunderdogJan 25, 2024Read time 5 min
Addu and Lulu

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology consulting and especially amid the global economic challenges presented by 2023, client satisfaction becomes even more critical. Wunderdog has collected Customer Insights bi-annually for the past five years. Now it’s again time for our yearly review - what did we succeed in last year, and where could we do better?

Against the backdrop of the state of the world economy in 2023, we are very proud to see that in 95% of cases last year, we either met or surpassed our customers’ expectations, and even prouder to see that we not only met but exceeded the expectations of 40% of our customers.

of our customers say we met or exceeded their expectations
of customers state that we exceeded their expectations

We were provided with a highly knowledgeable, talented, and proactive consultant. This combination is a rare find and brings us great value.

With the changes that have rocked company ships within the past years, our most recent survey also revealed a couple of specific topics that are getting attention within our client companies: the changing nature of work, and the concept of two-way feedback. We will also discuss these topics in more detail later on in this post.

Leading with competence, communication, and commitment

This time, our Customer Insights revealed three aspects of Wunderdog's consultants that are most highly valued:

  • High level of competence

  • Communication skills and attitude

  • Willingness to take ownership

Wunderdog clients consistently compliment our consultants on their expertise, knowledge, and problem-solving capabilities. Our consultants also get kudos for their communication skills and overall attitude toward their work and clients, fostering a transparent and collaborative culture while sailing toward joint success.

Clients also applaud Wunderdog consultants’ willingness to take ownership of projects and proactively drive them forward. This commitment to not just provide solutions, but also to make sure each project succeeds, gives clients a reliable and clear path during uncertain times.

The consultants were given demanding tasks with vague specifications. Regardless of this, they managed to progress their work and keep things moving.

Topics that had our customers talking

Each year, we also ask our clients about the aspects of our collaboration that we could reinforce. Acknowledging the challenges of modern work life, we identified two topics that rose to discussion, and we bet that they are not foreign to other companies either.

The first one is the changing nature of work and the ratio between working in-office and remotely. Our clients are hoping for an increased amount of live meetings with their service provider and a stronger physical presence of consultants at their premises. This topic has been in active public discussion since the pandemic, and we have also addressed the future of work in our blog post for the Fusion Ecosystem. We agree that working on the spot with the customer enables direct communication, builds trust, and enables things to move smoothly.

The other topic was the feedback loop from the supplier to the client buyer. Our clients wished for more feedback from our consultants, to ensure employee well-being. This subject has also been in internal discussions at Wunderdog during the fall, and we have already reacted to the matter. We were interested to hear that this has also been discussed at the client's end, and is definitely a topic that the suppliers and buyers need to keep working on together.

Steadfast in the wind of change

With these results, we see Wunderdog showcasing resilience and adaptability in times of challenge. We are happy to see that we have been able to navigate the complexities of the changing business landscape with the resilience, adaptability, and commitment of our consultants. We also embrace the development suggestions and are committed to continuous improvement to foster mutual success.

We hope that in the face of uncertain times, Wunderdog has been able to provide our clients with stability and trust for smoother sails.