An Asset Called Culture to Carry You Through Hard Times

By WunderdogMar 23, 2020Read time 3 min
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In the past two years, the pandemic has filled our news feeds and caused worry, insecurity, and anxiety. We at Wunderdog have always taken the official measurements seriously – the situation demands collaborative actions as well as individual participation. Despite the situation, we have continued working hard on solving the problems our customers face. And we do so by staying connected and optimistic. A culture of collaboration still lies at the heart of everything we do, even - and especially - when working remotely.

In the last 24 monthss, we’ve had to get used to working remotely and not seeing each other on a daily basis. In addition to our daily client work, the team-building activities rely more on remote connectivity. We normalised working from home, adapting to remote conditions right away and even making them become an integral part of our hybrid delivery model. Google Hangouts has proved to come in handy not only for official meetings but also for more informal events – such coffee breaks, townhall meetings, meditation sessions, and even some quirky habits, such as our weekly Seiska magazine quiz.

Seiskavisa at the Wuffice (alternative)

Last week was a long week, every day bringing new news. The situation is changing extremely fast, thus transparent and accurate communication is required to keep everyone in the loop. Nonetheless it is crucial to keep up good spirits and have a laugh together during these difficult times. Even the smallest of things might have a large impact on the general atmosphere, which could affect everyone’s wellbeing and endurance during this period of special circumstances. Being actively connected, having Hangouts facilitated coffee breaks and sticking to weekly routines - even remotely - can make all the difference.

Slack message about a coffee break

Working remote now means staying closer in spirit; communal breaks over Hangouts, sharing creative home office solutions, designing emojis -,or just talking openly about our feelings and relying on peer-to-peer support have been exceptional ways to keep our team spirit united and uplifted. Our distance is paradoxically bringing us closer. It has shown how powerful a community can be.

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We are aware of the economic effects of our historical contexts and how they might affect our customers’ business and, consequently, our business too. However, we believe staying positive during trying circumstances such as these is key. Continuing to stay united during these times is one way we can continue to be prepared for what is to come. The culture that we have built together in better times gets truly tested in harder ones. In times like these, culture is the force that takes us far - it’s important to keep contributing to that.

Can you think of one thing, big or small, that you can already do today in your workplace to uplift spirits and connect with your colleagues? Please feel free to recycle our ideas and, if you come up with something new, share them with us! Our Instagram at @wunderdogofficial is one good place to do so. See you on the other side of the screen!